Friday, December 23, 2016

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Knee Deep in Joy

Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding

The first two things I wanted to do on my adventure from Australia in Canada was firstly wrestle a bear and secondly find a ski slope to learn how to snowboard on. Luckily for me, the first didn’t happen and I was able to find a ski slope to spend a season on and fell in love with snowboarding. Ever since that first season I have been looking for opportunities to continue following my passion. That’s where the back country of Chilcotin Holiday’s comes in to play!

Winter has been coming around the corner for a while now and I have seen the snow slowly making its way down the mountains towards the Ranch. This has flooded my mind with memories of my ski season and has kick started my mind into “Where the heck can I snowboard”? Fortunately for me, I spent some time in our guiding territory and one place jumped into my mind on where I could do my snowboard antics, Camel Pass.

The day came. I packed a bag full of my gear and began the strenuous hike up to the snow line of Camel Pass. As I continued to hike, I got above the cloud and blue sky awaited me. The air was crisp, the snow deep with powder and the sound of snow being compressed under boots filled the void. All this culminated in a heightened anticipation of what I was about to do.

I got to my ‘landing pad’ and looked around to see which mountain I would snowboard down. I picked one and began the ascent. The sun was out, heating me up as a climbed ever higher, but also giving me breathtaking views. I scrambled my way up, using my snowboard as an ice pick, inching my way up to the top. Once there, I bound my feet to my snowboard and waited, taking it in before I descended. Then it happened. The feeling of flying.

I descended down the mountain with speed, carving the snow making it splash on my face and enjoying every second down. And that’s what it took, all of fifty seconds to go down the mountain. It took me almost three hours to get to the top. So, was it worth it? Every second! A good base , the untouched snow and fresh powder made sure of it!

The best thing for me was the work I did before hand to enjoy this quick descent. It didn’t matter to me that before my moment of bliss I had to climb mountains, clamber through snow and become a hot sweaty mess. This made it all the more enjoyable and I think that’s what back country is about. Working hard for those small, precious moments on unique and different terrain. And that’s what you should expect when going into the back country of Chilcotin Holiday’s for winter. Hard fought, special moments.

Chilcotin Holidays

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