Friday, December 16, 2016

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One Nibble Away from Relaxation

Spruce Lake is a destination hotspot for our guests coming to the Ranch in the summer. There is a bounty of activities to partake in, as the lake is right at the door step of the cabin. One of these activities is fishing. Spruce lake is lucky to have thousands of rainbow trout in its waters ready to be caught.

I started my fishing hobbies back in Perth, Australia. I lived close to a river and would regularly go down after long days at university and work to enjoy throwing a fishing line in and waiting for a bite. That mere act was enough to bring down the busy-ness of the day to a bare minimum. It was relaxing. How much more relaxing would it be to be fishing in Canada then? I will attempt to answer that question.

Picture yourself stepping out of a rustic cabin with your fishing gear in hand and walking towards the water. There is a light breeze whipping at your face and the sun is slowly setting, highlighting the sky with all different shades of yellows, reds and oranges. You put your equipment in your canoe and push it out onto the mirror like water which is reflecting the snow-capped mountains. Surrounding you is vast forests as far as the eye can see.

You make your way to the middle of the lake because you can see plenty of trout jumping. You set up your line and you cast out. You now wait patiently. As time goes by the line moves because of the multitude of nibbles on the line, but you don’t react. It’s the perfect time to catch your fish, to have food for dinner, to be the hero of the cabin! Why don’t you pull in the line? It’s very simple really.

Once you find yourself in the most picturesque environment the worries of the world simply slip through your hands into nothingness. Even an activity like fishing becomes irrelevant, yes, the people who are expecting fish for dinner are going to be outraged, but who cares? Certainly, not you as you are drowned in relaxation. This is what makes fishing at Spruce Lake so wonderful. You forget what you are actually there for and are having an experience unrivalled to any other.

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