Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chilcotin Holidays

Winterizing the ranch

The atmosphere in the room changes. Everyone looks at the weather forecast with the same look in their eyes. Snow is coming. Everything has to be ready before the snow comes. A long list is passed around in the room. “Winterizing the ranch”; so many things have to be done in such a small amount of time. Priorities are key, especially right now. Everyone knows what are the biggest priorities right now. Getting the woodsheds filled and ready. No one wants to dig in the snow for wet wood. With snow comes dropping temperatures, maybe the other way around, but you can always put on some warm clothes. Dropping temperatures means frozen water, and we don’t like that. Water taps, drinking buckets for horses and chickens and cars needs to be taken care off. Taps and drinking buckets need to be insulated as well as cars need to have anti freeze. Horses are a big part of our ranch and they have to be winterized as well as everything else. Horseshoes need to be taken off so snow doesn’t stick to their feet, which can be very dangerous. It gets more and more darker during the day and we are losing sunlight, which means that we have a smaller period to work in. Priorities are again important. Some things can be done in the dark, while other things cannot. Winterizing the ranch is not something new or something that comes as a surprise, but it still seems to surprise many people. One day, out of nowhere, there is 1 feet of snow and all the work that should have been done before the snow arrived, just go so much harder. The first day of snow is always something special, living in the city or at a ranch, but when living at a ranch, where you are so dependent on the weather and have to be flexible and adaptable it is just so much more special. Many people living in the city could not imagine how tough the winter as well as winterizing the ranch. Just simple things as keeping a house warm. Most people are used to pushing a button and they have a warm house. At a ranch, you don’t have that kind of luxury. There needs to be running a fire in the stove almost 24 hours a day to keep the house warm. The stove is so big that a person could probably lie in there, which also means that the logs that go in there needs to be very big. The atmosphere here when winterizing the ranch, is something special, in a good way. The day the snow comes, you know that the ranch is more than ready for the snow and cold weather and it gives you the best feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

Chilcotin Holidays

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