Sunday, January 29, 2017

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French movie crew documentary as the french female wilderness guide

What's happening to me? This was the question I was asking to myself during 4 days, when a crew for a TV show came at the ranch. The big picture was to follow a french speaking guide in their work, so here, I was, on a pack trip by horseback to observe Bighorn Sheep. I heard about this for a year but nothing was really set in concrete until it actually happened.

I guided guests all summer long for two years, so going on a pack trip became something really easy, I mean, almost. Everything we do as a guide is so natural, we don't think about how we do it anymore. So when you have to explain everything you do, and in french, it makes you go back to the time you were learning. Of course we do it when we teach new guides but it's a bit different. The hard thing in doing this documentary was for me to explain it in French even if it's my first language. I never had the occasion to really think about how to explain my work in French and so there was some time where I was switching back to English to the crew or starting to speak french to my guests, which was quite humourous moments for them. But beside that, it's great to realise that you actually know what you are doing. The weird part is just to do it in front of the cameras, I wasn't feeling so comfortable about that, it makes me feel that it wasn't so natural. Everything I do to organise a pack trip took almost twice the time than necessary but it's interesting to see the process of how we build a small episode of 50 minutes from hours of filming. The pack trip itself was great. We were riding and stoping sometimes to have a nice shot and answering a couple of interviews with the reaction on the moment. The crew who was with us, did a really good job riding and filming at the same time. It was great to be able to show what we do and actually have this kind of recognition for our work. Here we are mostly woman working as horseback guides and it's important for us that the guests know that we are able to do this kind of job. But the more important thing is that I shared this amazing experience with amazing people and I am glad to have done that with such an amazing team.


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