Friday, February 3, 2017

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Sheep viewing guest in french documentary

There was a constant changing of weather and fog surrounding the ranch in the early hours of dawn. The sound of music spilling out from the kitchen is a welcome sound to the hungry crew. As we sit waiting for the food to come out the guides are preparing to head out. Wildlife viewing is an early morning activity, 6 o’clock to be exact. The sleepy faces surrounding the table are an amusing sight indeed, but the excitement is what keeps them going and awake.

Heading out with the guides and the pack lunches at hand is a sign that the trip has started. The film cameras where loaded into the car and other equipment soon followed suit. The back of the car was filled with a wide diversity of things needed for the long journey. Before heading out we needed a clear signal from the person who was driving the horse trailer.

The signal was given and we headed out. The lead guide driving the van was Marie. The roads were bumpy and uneven so it was quite the adventurous drive. We kept looking up the hillside trying to see if we could find the sheep. All of a sudden one of the guys in the film crew cried out. A sheep herd had been spotted. We got out of the van and looked up at the flock. They were gracefully jumping across the steep hillside and it seemed like such an effortless task. If I were to try the same I would be falling down the hill in just seconds.

After the film crew had filmed and documented the sheep, we headed back out on the road. We spotted soon after another flock of sheep. This time we also got to see two lambs or baby sheep. They were so tiny, but still just as sure footed as their adult peers. It was an amazing sight to see.

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