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The Wolf habitat

The wolf is common throughout British Columbia. The current population is approximately 8’500 wolves in B.C. The B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations considered the population as stable in 2014. 

These carnivores are highly adaptable and intelligent. The colour of a wolf can be a mixture of grey, brown, black and white with various shades of grey or black. 

The wolves can survive nearly everywhere if there is prey to hunt. As they are opportunistic predators, they can adapt their diets according to local conditions.

There social organizations is highly developed and wolves typically live in packs including their 1-2 year old offspring. Occasionally you can find a single wolf on it’s own.

The pups stay close to the den until late summer, by the fall when the pups are nearly full-grown they start to travel with the pack. In spring the next year most of them go off and look for their own territory.

So, the wolves are, where their prey is. In our territory of the Chilcotin Mountains you can see wolves likely in the winter when Carpenter Lake is frozen. They use the frozen lake to cross and run over on the safe side if they notice you. Wolves are hard to observe – they are smart and mostly show up by nightfall. During the winter, Chilcotin Holidays drives down to the ponds and listen to their howling. If you are lucky you can hear two or even three packs communicating over the mountaintops.

When the lake is frozen, the ungulates have no chance on the ice. Wolves chase the deer on the ice and this is it.

My first encounter with wolves was in the fall on a pack trip. I rode over a mountaintop and on the other side there were 7 wolves. They were enjoying the sun. When they saw me they were barking at me and thinking about what to do next, then a split second later, they started to run. I mean really to run - they are fast! And every member went in it’s own direction. As soon as they reached another safe side hill they started to howl, to check if everybody made it.

This encounter impressed me very much and made my appreciation and interest in Canadian wildlife even stronger and I hope I'll see them again some day.

Chilcotin Holidays

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