Sunday, March 12, 2017

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Eldorado camp assistant

Early in the morning morning I was awoken by my lead guide asking me about if I wanted to join a pack trip that same morning. I checked the watch and it said 5:45. It took me a while to form a coherent answer. My first one was “give me an hour and I am ready” and my second was “no, wait, give me ten minutes and I am there”. So I jumped out of bed got dressed and stuffed my things into a black plastic bag. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a toast and drank some coffee before meeting up with my guide. My guide gave me the layout of the trip and she told me we would be gone for 2 – 3 days. This happened on a Monday. This would also be my first pack trip and I would get to see the Eldorado camp. I was really excited. We got on the horses and I got to ride Duke whom I was told was a really steady and good horse to ride for a beginner.

Although the weather was not so good the view up in the Chilcotin ranges was magnificent. Just 10 minutes from Eldorado I got to see a grizzly bear for the first time. It was huge and you just felt a small adrenaline rush by watching the animal being so close to you and the horses. The horses showed no fear being so close to the big animal.

Eldorado camp, I was told, was a newly built cabin and when we arrived at the camp I saw a brown cabin hidden among fir trees. It was a really beautiful place and the view was magnificent. The rest of the group left the camp to go tracking and I stayed behind to clean up the cabin and make dinner. After clearing up the loft, carrying in the beds and making dinner I was finally ready for the group to come back. Around 9 at night, the group came back and we ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning we prepared a bonfire, cleared up the remaining tents in the area and made dinner on the new bonfire. It was a long day, but rewarding due to that I had learned new skills, such as roasting tenderloins on the fire and how to pack tents.

After an early wake up we saddled the horses and went on a ridge ride across the Eldorado mountains. I have never had a fear of heights and I am used to mountain climbing, but this ride really got my heart racing. The horses did some amazing things. They are definitely the most sure-footed horses I have ever met. Duke, the horse I was riding, slipped on the sand and slid down a short bit before readjusting his hoofs and carried on. At this moment I realized the importance of “high side out”. After the most amazing ride in my life we were back at the camp. We made a simple dinner for our guest and went tiredly to bed. On Thursday we cleaned out the cabin and started on the ride back. I knew then that I would miss the cabin and the area around Eldorado. During those 4 days at the cabin we had had snow, rain, sun and a mix of all three. If I got another chance I would definitely go back to Eldorado.

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