Monday, March 6, 2017

Chilcotin Holidays

Mountains and Photography – an endless source of inspiration

What exactly is it about mountains that you like?

As for me, I haven't been able to quite pin it down, but maybe it is just in my genes?
My grandma has been hiking extensively ever since she was young. When she had my mother she would 'drag' her along and then my mother would do me the same service.
Honestly speaking, I wasn't too impressed about that scheme as a child, but the only times when I wasn't dragging my feet seemed to be whenever there were steps and ladders involved and the little proud adventurer in me had to prove her parents that all that worrying and hand holding was unnecessary and that I was quite capable. I guess my foundation was laid back then.

Regardless my foundation, in my eyes, mountains equal beauty, challenges, adventures, amazing nature and a reminder of this earths long history – they are an endless source of inspiration. Standing in front of a mountain makes you feel small and unimportant and part of something bigger, and that feeling multiplies once you reach the top.

As for photography, where did that passion come from? I can only blame my sense of beauty and our old 'gatherer nature' in me wanting to have what I like – in form of a lovely picture or two.

In busy times when it seems so hard to find time to sit down and create something for creativity's sake, photography has provided me with a creative outlet that I would never want to miss.

So by putting one and one together, photography and mountains, the magic happens.
Whenever I see mountains a spark of inspiration forces me to unpack my camera and try out my photography skills. I just can't help it.
When I first saw photographs of the South Chilcotin Mountains, portraying beautiful red colored scree slopes and old vulcanic rock formations decorating some of the mountain tops, I was hooked right away. To be fair, any interesting mountain shape will make my heart pound and make me think in awe, 'I want to go there!! I want to stand on it's top and see what the world looks like from there!'

But what I didn't realize, when coming to the South Chilcotins, was that it would be so easy! To be sure, it's tough hiking, but for me – who has no mountaineering skills yet – these are some of the most accessible mountain tops I have ever seen. Be warned though, even if you are in good shape, you'll be wanting to stop every five minutes, as the scenery takes your breath away! So be prepared and if you are like me, make sure to bring your camera, it's a photographer's paradise!

Chilcotin Holidays

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