Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Healthy lifestyle's poem

Hey young people...
Maybe you think you should run a mile,
Then you would start a healthy lifestyle!
But maybe only ten sit ups
can be a good part from your warm ups!
Your muscles like it when you have a constancy respiration
and your heart needs to have a good blood circulation.
Maintaining a healthy body weight
can be a lot of work, and a non stop fight.
But it's worth it,
When you get it!
Look after your body I know you will love it
an interesting activity would be usesful,
hiking or climbing is amazing and powerful
when you feel stress
go to fitness!
Limiting alcohol and avoiding smoking,
you can try other things, why not fishing?
Fish would be healthy as well, 
but not easy to catch, I know, I can tell :)
Drink enough water not only a spoon,
and sleep long, you will see, you feel better soon!
"No pain, no gain"
That's a workout myth
Go for your workout, but stop before burnout!
When you feel at your best,
you can enjoy every fest!

We want to share a homework from our ESL student from Switzerland Annina,  after an ESL lesson about healthy lifestyle.

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