Monday, July 31, 2017

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Friendly visitors in Chilcotin Holidays

Some rather friendly friends of mine, came to visit me at Chilcotin Holidays last week. This gave me the fantastic opportunity to explain some of the concepts that the ranch is connected to on a daily basis. 

James and Avril arrived on the ranch on the day that a guide school was starting, so already, they were aware of the brilliant opportunities that this place brings. After settling in and leaving the guide school group to continue with their activity preparations with the horses, we ventured off to the wilderness, to retrieve some horses that had gone into another grazing area. We didn’t find any horses in the area, which was a good thing. Instead, we used our sight and hearing to look for prints and listen for bells. This was a short introduction to tracking, one of the perks of internship opportunities. Later that week, we returned to this area on bike, once again, using our tracking skills, we were able to see bear scat in the rather green and grassy parts of the grazing area. To feel more settled, we took sound advice from a bear orientation that they had in the ranch, and started singing songs, feeling as though we were going back to our mountain bike youth. 

After some time at the ranch, both James and Avril became included and intrigued about the ranch. Asking questions about guide school and also interested in internship opportunities. They started develop even more connections with colleges, looking into further possibilities for people who are starting masters to research within the Chilcotin Mountains. They saw the great amount of research that has been put into its ethos, culture and philosophy. It wasn’t just the youth mountain trip, that was in their memories, they can now see what the ranch represents. 

A fond memory, that I have stuck in my head, is of our adventure to a trappers cabin. We still had the opportunity to see a moose, with the emphasis on moo. Now, imagine someone shouting this in the car. And now picture, cautiously reversing back into the road and thinking to yourself ‘Is that a moose? If not, then what on earth is that dark figure in the woods?’ After some great discussion, we identified that it was some moosy looking cow. From this experience, I am now determined to get hold of the right resources to track a moose, to accomplish a newly found goal.

Before leaving Chilcotin Holidays, my friends had a reflection period of their time here. They spoke to me and told me that they understood the concept of the place and what it represented and wished for other friends of theirs could come to develop themselves. They also hoped to get out of their sense of monotony when they return home, and keep with the motivation of making the most of their time. I remember one sentence on the day of them leaving –‘It is the people who made it so great, and how welcoming they were.’ Something gives me the feeling that they will be back for some Chilcotin holidays internship opportunities.

Georgina, UK

Chilcotin Holidays

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