Thursday, July 20, 2017

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The challenges of fishing

Fishing offers a lot of challenges if you never fished before. But if you don’t face the challenges you”ll probably never know how to do it properly and good. Our small fishing group that went out to Pearson Pond had to learn it the hard way. Our small group consisted of Georgina, her two friends James and Avril, Rebecca and me. When we decided to fish we didn’t think that there were so many challenges where you had to be prepared to reach the maximum of success.

How to fix a fishing rod? How to tie your boat on a trails? Which one is the best fishing lake and where are the best spots? And the most important question: How to throw a fishing rod properly? All these questions and we had to answer them the first time. Not easy. But we absolutely wanted to fish on this day and we fortunately made it. Not really accordingly to our plan but we made it and that counts the most.

After a small research through our files we decided to go to Pearson Pond. A small lake which wasn’t too far away from our ranch with a good chance to catch some fish. Before we headed out we just had to prepare some things. First we had to fix the fishing rods. It was more difficult than we thought. Every time when we wanted to spin the line around our wheel we had a new small knot on our rod. But Somehow we were able to fix it.
Before we were finally ready to head out to Pearsons Pond and to catch some fish with our rods, we had to lood our boat on our trails. I know, it sounds like a small job but it took us about two hours to lood it on. Every time when we did something we realized that it was wrong and we had to do everything again. We laid our boat on the wrong side at the pendant. We tied the lines around our boat wrong and in the end it took us at least one and half hour more than expected. We wanted to go to Pearsons Pond on 1PM, we went out at 3PM.

When we arrived at Pearsons Pond we were glad that we finally made it. It was a rainy and cloudy day but we handled our problems and we had a beautiful scenery around us. A lot of mountains with snow on the top, the wilderness of Canada in front of us and we even saw two bald eagles while were sitting on our boat in the middle of the lake.
We didn’t catch a single fish. We haven’t even seen any fish and we were asking ourselves if we chose the right lake. We also struggled a bit with finding the right spot on the lake and we also struggled with our rods because we had a knot in our line every time when we wanted to throw the rod out.
But in the end, it was a time I really don’t want to miss. It was the first time I went fishing and with a better preparation the next time and a little bit more luck I’m confident that we will definitely catch some fish the next time! 

Mike, Germany

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