Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Biking in the wilderness

I’m an experienced biker. At least I would say that about myself. I’m not someone who is a real pro at biking and is able to do tricks the whole time but I’m really used to ride my bike. I went several times biking in Austria and when I had to go to school I grabbed my bike every morning and ride the same way to my classroom like I did all the years before when I had to go to school. I think I used that way more than thousand times before I think about the fact that I stayed on my school for 8 years until I graduated this spring.

When I came to Canada for three months and stayed during the summer time in the wilderness I was really looking forward to go biking there and to see something different. I imagined to see the wide open areas of Canada, surrounded by mountains, big lakes and wild rivers where you were able to take pictures of the beautiful scenery around the area. And in the end I really can’t say that I was disappointed.

I headed out on a really sunny afternoon with James and Melvin. We were a quite funny group and we were really lucky that we were able to use the afternoon for our little biking trip through the wilderness. We ride down the road from the ranch and went to our right, and we immediately were in the wilderness. No traffic, no car’s, no people and the most important point: It was quite and we just heard the birds singing and the wind which rustled through the leaves of the trees around us.

We really enjoyed the wilderness of Canada and realized that we left our road and were biking on a small trail next to a stony cliff with a big and untamed river. We had a beautiful view down the river but we were also glad that we didn’t forget our helmets while biking on the trail. When we ride on it we could feel every stone underneath our wheels and it was shacking through our body the whole time. 

We saw that the cliff next to us became bigger and higher from meter to meter and when we reached the highest point of it, we decided to take a little break. We sat down on one those stones next to us, drank something and enjoyed the amazing view down the river. The sun shined down on it, reflected itself and the river became a bright and golden looking surface in the middle of the wilderness.  It was beautiful and so we spent as much time as possible at this place until it became cold and we had to go back to our ranch.

Looking back, we had an amazing biking trip in the nature of Canada which was definitely better than my usual biking session at home. I couldn’t bike on our trail for a thousand more times but I’m absolutely in for a second time! 

Mike, Germany

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