Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Listen to your gut instinct

Do you have a good gut instinct? And does your gut instinct help you during the process of decision making?

I used to be more of an intellectual person when it came to making decisions. That could be pretty annoying sometimes because it also meant that it took me ages to weigh out my gut feeling against my thoughts. So when I moved out of my parent's home into the “big, scary world” I decided that I needed to trust my gut instinct – or at least give it a chance. Yes, it was wrong sometimes but everything needs some training and by now my gut is pretty good at evaluating a situation and helps me making difficult decisions. I would always choose a gut over an intellectual decision. Using your gut instincts to make a decision is very smart and will almost never disappoint you.

But what is the meaning of a gut instinct? It's an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an opinion or idea that's based on facts. Today's world is all about facts so our instincts kind of lose their influence over us – which is a bad thing, at least in my opinion. Your instincts are connected to your inner self and are your roots in nature. I mean, yes, we've come a long way from being animals that only use their instincts to make decisions. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good evolution. Most of the time machines make decisions for us. We don't need to listen to our gut anymore we just go with the flow and end up somewhere asking ourselves 'How the heck did I end up here? Which decision was the wrong one?' Your gut knows you best and you will live more consciously by listening to it. It will also help you to get to know yourself better.

But is a gut feeling always right? Usually it is, at least in a broader sense. It may not be right about multiple choice questions in an exam (believe me there you really should use your brain) but in decisions regarding your life you should definitely listen to it. 

Does your gut tell you that this guy isn't good for you? Well, listen to it and back off! 

Does your gut tell you that you should go over to the other table and make some new friends because they look nice and are having fun? Go for it! Friendship and meeting new people is all about first impression and gut feeling.

And does your gut tell you that this job is not for you? Heck, listen to it! The job can be as promising as it wants but if your gut doesn't feel good about it your heart will not be in it.

But how can you overcome the loud voice screaming in your head 'No, don't listen to your instincts! I know what it's all about!' Well, that's the challenge that you'll have to face. All I know is that your gut means a great deal. Having a good gut instinct, trust and listening to your gut is the ultimate goal. So next time when you are at a crossroad believe in your gut instinct and it will always be right.

Simone, Germany

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