Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Being a guide for a few days

I am a young man of 19, here at the Ranch for nearly 2 months. I am used to hike and I always enjoy these moments. Moreover at the Ranch, it's always the story of who will take responsibilities, and be in charged of something. I've never planned to be a guide and this is not one of my goals and reason to be here. Nevertheless, when opportunities occur, you may jump on it to learn and to grow-up.

Therefore, when some guests are at the Ranch, you always can help and participate in the activities. This time, one of the guest wanted to hike instead of ride with her family because she doesn't fell comfortable with horses. As we hadn't enough guide on the moment, plus I was the only one whom could lead as a guide for little hiking trip, so I went with her. Thus, I spent two days in a row going hiking with this guest. Thus, I was in charged and was responsible for the trip. 

As a real guide, I took care about the safety rules. I've done the map, took the equipment we need, to be sure everything is ready and safe. I really enjoyed these days, for the hikes, the landscape, the discussion with the guest. But the best part of the job is when guest are really happy, and I was proud of me because I helped her to enjoy her time at the Ranch.

As a hiking guide, I explained her some stories about the bears, the berries. I also explained her all the trails I knew in details, then she could choose the one she wanted to do. It was really exciting because I was responsible of her happiness and of the safety of the trip. I knew some tips for hiking well, and also about the behaviour in case of bear or dangerous situation. Thus I was confident and I helped her to be the more comfortable as she could to enjoy the more she could. This was a real good experience as an Hiking Guide, fulled of responsibilities.

Jean, France

Chilcotin Holidays

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