Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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Being flexible and adaptable, the way of living

At the beginning of my day I was going for my Office stuff. I was ready at 6.40 am to
start this sunny day with mailing and calling people. Nevertheless, nothing happened as it should,
because that is the way of living at the Ranch, you must be flexible and adaptable. During my
first hours in the office I was running every where to give information to people or to warn them
of something important. I didn't have the time to do my usual stuff and that was funny because I
was doing everything but what I had planned.

Just after the lunch, I was finally going back to the office to start my real stuff. When I
arrived to the office Kevan (the owner) was speaking on the radio with our angling guide whom
was left to go fishing for 2 hours. Then, he turned off the radio and asked "Who wants to see
grizzly bears and cubs?". The guide had seen them around the Ranch. As we are all flexible and
adaptable here everyone left their current stuff and in 10 minutes, 3 cars were fulfilled with staff
members and guests that were ready to leave the ranch. I told you, the way of living here is led by
the words "Flexible" and "adaptable".

Then we all went for this rare moment and really enjoyed it. We took photos, we were
like kids because the grizzly bear and her 3 cubs were so close to us. Afterwards, we returned to
the Ranch and I was really determined to finish my stuff this time ! Even if I am flexible and
adaptable we have to get the job done and do it well. Therefore, with my friend in the office we
did nearly everything in a couple hours and the end of my day was arriving. Just before finishing
all the daily stuff, Kevan entered the office and asked if I could follow him. Here I was going for
a new adventure.

The new unexpected mission was firstly to rescue the angling guide with his pick-up
stuck in the sand. Then also to bring back to the Ranch some supplies that people from a horse
pack trip left on another place. Thus, Kevan and me were going for 3 hours of driving into the
Rocky mountains. That was great, I was useful and I learned new things once again. We pulled up
the guide from the sand. Then, we discovered some bushes with red berries, so as we are flexible
and adaptable, we took a little break and shared some of them.

After, we went for the supplies. When everything was done, when we were coming back at the
ranch, the sun was setting. The ranch was calm, everyone had already eaten. I just thanked Kevan
for this day, and went for my meal. This day was wonderful, just because I had to be flexible and
adaptable as Kevan always say's. And this kind of day at the Ranch often happens, because this is
the way of living here.

- Jean, France

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