Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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An incredible ride in search of horses

Before coming to Chilcotin Holidays I had never ridden a horse or saddled one. This is how Chilcotin Holidays changed that and allowed me to experience something entirely new. By participating in various horse rides, I was treated to some of the beautiful scenery this part of the world has to show. Riding for the first time was truly a stand out experience for me here.

I had never ridden horses before coming to the ranch, it was one of the many new experiences for me having stayed at the ranch. While I was slightly nervous and uncertain I would adapt to riding a horse, let alone successfully saddle one, I was very eager to try it. It had been one of the reasons I came to Chilcotin Holidays, to be around and ride horses. Now was the time at last.

My first time riding a horse was a truly memorable experience and one I am guaranteed to never forget. It is common to say you never forget your first, but this itself was truly a standout of those 'firsts'. The feeling of being atop a horse, wearing my Stetson proudly as I rode was nothing short of fantastic. The connection between me and my first horse, Duke, was a moving experience as I directed him through the trees on my first ride. 

The route we took was alongside the river, passing through the trees and over the rivers. The scenery I was treated to was itself amazing. Seeing and exploring such a tranquil and undisturbed part of the world from atop a horse was a remarkable experience and something I will never forget. The wind rushing past me as I rode through the woodland and made my way back to the ranch was fantastic and I dismounted my horse with great reluctance. I was excited to do so again and here at Chilcotin Holidays that was a guarantee.

My future rides were around the areas of Beaver Pond and the riverside again, both proving the same beautiful scenery and a unique experience. Each time my confidence in riding and saddling my horse grew. I was feeling like a true rider and enjoyed each and every opportunity to ride. 

The last time I rode was undoubtedly the finest ride. The previous night I was asked with another intern if we would assist in a search for the remaining horses. These horses needed to be collected and sent away for Winter. While I knew this was a highly important task, I was delighted I could blend responsibility and enjoyment together. 

We departed at sunrise, meaning I was able to see the stunning sunrise over the mountains as the day began. Once the horses were saddled and ready, the three of us set out immediately. Taking the road towards Beaver Pond gave a terrific view of the early morning scenery. The feeling of riding while seeing the area 'awaken' was incredible. 

We rode through the trees, clearings, across rivers as the morning sun rose and shone through the trees. This definitely sounds almost poetic and hyperbolic but it is in fact the truth. Never have I had such an experience. Riding a horse throughout all of it made it all the more amazing an experience. Despite not finding any horses, I felt fulfilled having been on such a picturesque ride through beautiful scenery. This proved to me I was right to come to Chilcotin Holidays. Somewhere I could not only develop and grow as a person through hard work, but also be rewarded with experiences such as the horse rides I went on. A worthwhile and memorable experience indeed.

Jacob, UK

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