Saturday, June 9, 2018

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Ice fishing in Canada

I never fished before, so I thought it would be a great idea to get a new experience and go on a small adventure. Ice fishing can't be that hard, so me and my coworker took our fishing rods and 2 ice drills and headed out to the solid frozen Mowson Pond. Little did we know that that ice fishing is a bit more than just drill a hole in the ice and put a hook down there.
 Obviously, we didn't catch any fish at all and therefore we couldn't eat some grilled fish back at the ranch. After making some thoughts and a bit of improvisation we headed out again for a next try, still barley prepared but at least equipped with some bait and a go pro. Apparently the fish didn't really like our bait, but our go pro spotted something unusual and we took a closer look at it. 
What we spotted was another fishing rod which a poor individual before us must have lost, when he tried to catch a fish as well. Since we trained our improvising skills before, we were able to get our first catch. But a fishing rod was not what we hoped for but at least it we now had a new rod to get even more fish. 
After a few days and some education about ice fishing we headed out again. This time properly equipped with a new angling root and the proper bait. Since Mowson Pond didn't bring us some luck the last time, we headed out to Pearson Pond this time. Motivated to catch something this time we looked out for a good spot and started drilling. 
An automated drill would be way to easy, so we did it the old way of course with pure man power. After digging our way through half a meter of ice we started fishing, again with no luck we will do more research and try again tomorrow.
Andreas, Switzerland

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