Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Try until they fly

It has already been a week when I first arrived at the Chilcotin Holidays Ranch. Only a week, it feels so much longer. That is probably because of the long, productive days we have where so much happens. With everyday new things to learn and more opportunities to take on. 
Before I explain this with my first fly-fishing experience let me tell about myself. My name is Jelle, 23 years old and from the Netherlands. For the last four years I studied Landscape Architecture at the Wageningen University and living the student life with friends, party’s and all the pros and cons that come with a student life. 
I am a serious, dedicated student who is not afraid to take on some action or try new things. I am a responsible team player but at the same time I like to be on my own now and then. In my own surrounding, like in my student house or with my friends and family, I am a confident person where I can be relaxed and be myself. But to create such a comfort zone for me always takes some time, in the Netherlands we call it ‘watching-the-cat-out-of-the-tree’. This means that in new situations or with new people I first tend to step to the background and watch passively at how others act and respond and how I can match my behaviour with theirs. How I can follow others. And this I want to change, that’s why I am here. I want to be more confident. Because if I can be confident in any situation it does not matter if I am in or out my comfort zone, it would not even be necessary to create such a carefully designed comfort zone, which costs so much time and energy. So that’s why I took the challenge to travel to the unknown wilderness with people I don’t know and communicate in a language that is not mine. By doing this and pushing myself to do new things and be confident during them I want to change myself for the better.     
 One of the new things I did was coming on a fly-fishing trip with Philip and Vera. We drove to Pearson Pond and rowed to the middle of the lake. There was the first new experience: the view, the silence and the living animals around us. Such a different environment then I am used to. After a few hours we still had not caught anything. We could see the fish jumping around us but they just did not take our bait, very frustrating. But then, after changing the type of fly-bait for the fourth time we had it. In a short time we caught six fishes from what we kept five. That was enough for the Indian-dinner we planned for the evening and went back to the ranch.
C:\Users\WSF Office\Desktop\Road deactivation JD\Private\vis2.jpgThis experience was a good example of the way things go at the ranch. Take a clear goal in mind and keep trying and changing your approach until you accomplished it. While doing so, stay confident in what you are doing. Because if you don’t believe in what you are doing works, then why should it?

Jelle, Netherlands

Chilcotin Holidays

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