Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Tree-planting introduction

In my third week as an intern at the ranch, the tree planters who were staying in the cabins, offered to give the staff an introduction to what they do every day. I’ve only ever lived in cities, not always the biggest ones but still, I’ve never lived as close to nature as at the ranch. I’ve always wanted to experience the peacefulness nature gives me on a longer period than just my two-week holidays.

In the evening, we went in the pasture with the tree planters and they started by showing us what gear they need everyday in order to be the most efficient. They wear big harnesses with three or four bags where they put saplings. They demonstrated how to plant a tree, which tools to use, how to manipulate them and how to know you did a great job... while answering our questions. At first, no one really knew even what to ask because it was a completely new experience, none of us knew anything about tree planting. They have to look for what kind of trees would be more likely to grow in this terrain and choose a specific location where its chances are high… There is much more reflection behind it than I thought, it’s not just about knowing the proper way to dig a hole and put the sapling in, it’s also about how nature will be able easily or not to help this sapling grow into a tree.

During their demonstration, we saw how to handle the shovel and how to recognize a mineral soil which is where you want to put your sapling so it gets all the nutrients it needs. They went through different scenarios of how your tree can not grow if you plant it wrong… After all the theoretical knowledge and the demonstrations, we had the opportunity to fully have a new experience by planting our own tree in the pasture. Each one after the other, we tried our best to do exactly how they showed us so that a big beautiful and healthy tree will be add to nature, but it’s definitely harder than it looks. I couldn’t get the shovel in the soil and then I ended up having a hole that was too deep! With their advices and insight, I finally managed to plant a tree successfully!

Having had this experience at the ranch gave me some insight as to what tree planting is all about. It brought me a feeling of accomplishment even though this contribution to nature is small. I learn more everyday here and I have new experiences that I never thought I would have.

Raphaƫlle, 19

Chilcotin Holidays

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